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IP Targeting: How It Works

What is an IP and how to use it effectively in your marketing strategy?

An IP Address is a unique number assigned to the internet connection at a physical location. This numerical address can be used to identify the physical address of the targeted location, allowing companies, like Diamond Media Solutions, to identify the consumers who are actively searching for a particular product or service and reengaged with them on a company’s behalf. 

When utilizing the consumer’s IP for targeting, marketers are able to efficiently match all of the digital devices to that address. This allows consumers to see your message while browsing regardless of what device or what they are watching. 

How Accurate is IP Targeting?

A lot of the accuracy depends on the physical address and the location the company is targeting.  IP addresses will change as the person changes locations.  The most common reasons for someone’s IP address to change is from moving locations, such as switching cell phone towers, checking into a local coffee shop, or restarting their home internet router.

Is IP Targeting Cost-Effective?

Yes, targeting a known address of key consumers makes it possible to see a much more substantial return on advertising than a traditional geography or branding level campaign. Because you are starting with a distinct list, you are able to match website conversions, inquires, and ultimately sales to your campaign. 

Jayme Hill is Chief Operating Officer for Diamond Media Solutions.

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