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How to Choose Key Competitive and Consumer Locations

The rise in digital information seeking prior to purchasing a new product has changed consumer habits and even more so since the forced behavioral change we experienced globally with COVID. Now consumers are spending less time in stores and more time online which makes the choosing a list of key locations to geofencing even more important and require creative thinking then in the past.


  • Be Practical – we all drink coffee and must eat! These are great locations to find consumers with disposable income, plus they are great for targeting consumers based on their psychographic profile. The cost-conscious consumers shopping at chain stores that focus on low prices are a different client base than the organic grocery stores or high-end retail stores. These distinct locations will allow you to target the right type of customer for you. If you are looking to target potential customers for a credit repair program, using high end grocery stores would be wasteful for your media spend as you are better off focusing on more discount grocery chains.

  • Consider Their Lifestyle – Does your target audience have kids or are they fashionistas? Consider popular parks and kid supply companies for people with children or high-end retail and popular social gathering places for the fashionista. If you know their lifestyle and demographic profiles, then adding in key locations will help you find the additional impressions for campaign lift.

  • Key Competition – never miss an opportunity to make one last impression on customers before they sign on that dotted line.

As you are considering your next target location for you geofence campaign make sure that you are discussing the locations, recency, and impression goal to get the most out of your campaign. Diamond Media Solutions runs over 100 geofencing campaigns monthly and offers free analysis and optimizations suggestions.  Reach out to our Account Management Team to schedule your free analysis today!

Jayme Hill is Chief Operating Officer for Diamond Media Solutions.

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