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Effective Behavior Targeting Online

Behavioral targeting is a hot-button topic as digital privacy continues to be an important subject with local, state, and federal agencies.  Behavioral data is obtained through the consumer’s online and offline activities that make up profiles and datasets that marketing and technology companies use to effectively target consumers who may be in the market for their services.

It is safe to say that most of the population enjoys seeing advertising that is relevant to them and they understand that seeing relevant ads comes from their activities online, such as the companies or products they like and follow on social media. However, as data becomes the most valuable commodity in the world, the idea of corporations profiting off the unknown digital breadcrumbs that consumers give away for the right to use free services or redeem discounts and savings is unnerving when not properly explained to the consumer.

Big tech companies are now scrambling to find alternatives to cookie tracking capabilities that have been used to collect the behavioral, and specifically the clicked data, of the consumer to create these profiles.  

Diamond Media Solutions has worked to further develop these targeting tactics so that behavioral data doesn’t have to be built on previous clicked data. Targeting the behavior of the person you are wanting to reach allows the company to reach new and relevant consumers before their potential sales cycle has passed.  Targeting compatible locations or products and strategic keywords allows the company to target their next consumer on their terms and preferred shopping method.

Jayme Hill is Chief Operating Officer for Diamond Media Solutions.

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