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Secure Your Data In The New Year

You have to secure your accounts! Data breaches, hacking, and phishing scams are rampant. If you wonder if your information has been part of these attacks, the answer most likely is yes and we suggest that you search your email address on Have I Been Pwned? to see how many times and where your information has been stolen.

But how do you improve your chances of securing your accounts? Improve your passwords!  Each of the passwords you use should be unique to that account and complex utilizing letters, numbers, and special characters. But with so many unique passwords, using top rate password keepers will help make this task easier. Password keepers will help generate passwords, monitor passwords, suggest changes, and can be used across your devices.

Use two-step authentication:  Two-step authentication are becoming more increasing more popular.  For example, adding a code sent to your phone or logging in through your Facebook account allows a company to confirm it is you by the understanding that only you would have access to that second step.

Turn on the Ad Blocker:  Companies use ads to not only make money but also to enhance their data sets by collecting your device information, your location, browsing history, and this information can be used to find the other devices you own.  The issue with using AdBlockers is that is will disrupt your internet experience as many add-ons that these website utilize for seamless experience is the same technology that is used in ads. 

Only go on websites with HTTPS in their website URL:  This additional security to any website makes it more difficult for hackers to watch what you’re doing.  

Monitor your credit and turn on your purchase notifications:  Keeping track and regularly checking your credit and bank accounts will help you identify an issue before it is too late and your accounts are negative and your credit is impacted. 

There is never a fool proof plan on how to keep your information secure in this digital world.  The best you would be able to do stay vigilant and stop using the same password for every website you use.

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