illustration of a futuristic city scape with light beams shooting into the sky meant to illustrate the future of digital marketing

Metaverse – The New Marketing Frontier?

Virtual and Augmented Reality are finally having their moment as Facebook’s Metaverse, Oculus Quest, and cryptocurrencies infiltrate everyday conversations. But as these technologies are no longer the thing of SciFi movies, what exactly do they mean for businesses and marketers?

Is it just hype, or will we see a real impact on your business in the near future?

Having a tough time tackling this question myself,  I needed to dive into the technologies’ capabilities, review what is currently happening, and speak with smarter people than me.  And what I have concluded about metaverse’s potential impact on our business is not a matter of if but how.

Remember when websites were the hot new thing?  And remember the people who said that they were unnecessary?

Creating an interactive presence within metaverses provides the next phase of engagement as consumers continue to transition towards e-commerce and digital platforms over traditional brick and mortar stores. As an immersive 3D space where people can interact with each other and with digital objects such as furniture, clothing, or artworks, this is a great way for companies to provide a great experience with their brand.

When someone comes to your digital store in the metaverse and engages with you, it’s an opportunity for them to become familiar with your products or services, build a relationship with you, find something to buy now or in the future, or refer you to someone else.

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