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Diamond Discussions: Copy That Converts

A tale as old as time, you want to increase your sales and you have two options. Increase your traffic or improve your conversion rates of the current traffic. While neither of these tasks are easy, these simple changes to your social media ads, website, landing pages, or even email copy can help you!

This month’s Diamond Discussion is on how to write copy that effectively converts!

• Be A Problem Solver: Today life is full of challenges, and people are always on the lookout for ways to make their lives easier. Utilizing your marketing to capture the attention of potential customers by explaining how your product/service solves a problem for them.

• Storytelling:  The creation of a product into a personal journey really resonates with the audience. Consumers are used to being sold; this approach allows you to engage with them on a different level. Advertising that triggers emotions is proven to be more effective!

• Capture Their Attention but Write with Clarity: Your copy should catch their interest and attention quickly but most people on social media aren’t interested in wading through a ton of description before they get to the intended message. The goal is to catch their eye so that they will want to find out more. The KISS principle states it best. KEEP IT SIMPLE!

• Take Action – The goal of copywriting is to get your visitor to take action. Continuing from the last tip, don’t make the mistake of overdoing what you are asking of your reader. You should have one goal in mind! Now the actual copy, use phrases that give your audience a reason to click. The text you use on your button has a large impact on your conversion rates, and the text should imply the benefit they will receive from clicking it.

Extra tip: If you are still needing strong copy for your marketing campaigns, Diamond Media Solutions is here to help!


Courtney McGIlvary is Client Success Manager for Diamond Media Solutions.

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