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Diamond Discussions: Company Culture

A company’s culture is so much more than just a selling point during the recruiting and hiring process. Your company culture encompasses the workplace values, and overall vision that drives your company forward and inspires employees to give your customers the best possible experience.

Customer experience is more important than ever (read more about that in this blog post about Customer Experience!) and I think it is safe to say every company understands how important their customer service is, but not many understand the correlation between their company culture, and their company success.

Hubspot outlines some great tips for finding your company’s culture type, as well as tips to improve it! It’s not all just pizza parties and in-office gyms, the culture of a company ties together how employees feel about their workplace and gives them a clearer understanding of their employer’s expectations.

A great example of company culture is Diamond’s own 1ks! (Tooting my own horn here but hear me out.) Each one can be as simple as the most recent, which was just a pizza party with the team, or as elaborate as my own drive-by baby shower! Showing each employee their value, allowing them to have a voice and vocalizing their importance gives them confidence, and instills a deep passion for giving our customers the same thing! No order is too small or client too infrequent, everyone is important.

One of our clients, Taylor Automotive out of Ohio, is another amazing example of a strong company culture. They highlight their employees with giveaways and public shout outs and give back to their community every chance they get. Even going as far as celebrating their local high school students’ accomplishments in a weekly newspaper ad! The area knows them as a auto group but also a pillar of the community who cares about the people, not just their purchase.

Culture does not need to be expensive, or difficult. If you feel your culture can be improved but aren’t sure where to begin, this is a great place to start improving your own culture.

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