Diamond Discussions: Achieve 2020 Goals

We had our first ever Diamond Discussions today! This is our new initiative for 2020 where it gives each employee 5-10 minutes to talk on a topic that they are passionate about. It can be industry related, position related, or just motivational for the workplace. The goal is to open the communication across all teams, while learning and pushing each other to grow professionally!  And to kick off this initiative Courtney Gary, our Client Success Manager and brainchild behind our Diamond Discussions, wanted to follow up after our all employee 2020 goals meeting with some tips and tricks on how to stay accountable when reaching goals.

The most important and first step in being accountable is to figure out what you are going to work towards in the coming year.  It doesn’t matter how big or small a goal or resolution is, you just must have one first!  After brainstorming and coming up with your goals and resolutions, it is important to understand the meaning behind them. This will help you remember the reason why you are working so hard and will help when you get off track or begin to feel your motivation fading.  So, ask yourself the honest question to figure out how and why those goals will add to the success of your life and impact the people’s lives around you.

Once you have your goals and resolutions, the hard part now begins! “Setting goals is the easy part, holding ourselves accountable to these goals and helping push each other forward to continue to grow and become better working professionals is where it gets tough” Courtney stated in our Diamond Talk to a sea of nodding heads.  But using these 5 simple steps, anyone regardless of your accountability team can accomplish their goals:

  • Write your goals down and show them off!
    • Having your goals proximately displayed will help remind you and keep you on track during those weak times.  
  • Be organized and write down all the steps needed to reach your goal.
    • Creating a list will help break down your goal into smaller more manageable task. Plus, it is fun to cross off what you have done so have physical proof of all your hard work!  
  • Organize and creative multiple mini goals
    • When you organize all the steps into common groups, it will help you tackle your goal more efficiently by helping you concentrate on the shared tasks purpose rather than scattered in multiple directions.  
  • Set a timeline for each task and mini goal
    • Timelines are important to help with procrastination and to keep you accountable to your goal.  
  • Share and seek feedback from your team/peers.
    • It is important to express your goals with your peers or managers so they can help continue pushing you forward and achieving your goals. 

Courtney Gary is a Client Success Manager at Diamond Media Solutions specializing in Print and Digital Advertising for the Automotive vertical.  Courtney has worked in advertising for six years and believes that exceptional customer service is the key to client’s success.

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