Shifts In Company Culture

Every company has a certain set of values and principles that guide their team as to the quality of craftsmanship, job effectiveness, and overall quality.  Here at Diamond we see ours as a way of life and can be wrapped into a single hashtag:


#Diamondlife is a simple philosophy in that we treat each other the way we want to be treated. Now that is an extremely easy thing to say, but how to execute this philosophy has not always been easy. However, this thinking has guided our management style, customer service, and quality standards for over 18 years. A big part of #diamondlife is celebrating our victories, such as closing a sale, celebrating weddings, or welcoming new Diamond babies to the family. It also means being there for each other in some of our darkest moments, like losing a beloved family member and mentor, or not being able to deliver as we promised for client. 

When we were in the office, we found any excuse to throw a themed party, elaborate potlucks, or celebrate a spirit week that lead up to our big company-wide parties. Employees even brought their dogs into the office to help with the stress of quick deadlines so even normal days felt like fun! One of my favorite activities that we recently added is our Diamond Media 1k’s (a fun play on a 5k) where our entire team walks to a local brewery or restaurant with our custom 1k tee shirts and we earn a unique patch to commemorate each event. 

With the current global pandemic, mandatory quarantine, and social distancing we are now working remotely, and it seems we will be staying this way for a while.  Working remote is going great and it seems that the only thing we really miss about being in an office, is each other. Being able to hangout every day together and physically be with each other to celebrate our wins and share in the heartaches.

Our management team has focused our efforts on creating a sense of normalcy and comradery to keep our culture alive for our team and clients as we have transitioned to a 100% remote work company.  In order to help cross team communication, we started doing a question of the day where we post our responses to a Buzzfeed personality quiz or conversation starter and require employees to reply only with gifs on our all employee Slack channel called “ibitch”.  To help with our puppy withdrawals, we love seeing all our employee’s fur balls make their meeting debuts. We transitioned our twice monthly  Diamond Discussions (which a brief trainings on any topic that can relate to what we do, led by a member of the team) to be completely online! Luckily our design team members’ turns were coming up, so we have had some great presentations. You can check them out on our blog too! Our love for a good 1k will not be stopped by Covid-19, but they are changing.  So far we have had an award winning mixologist, Amanda Swanson, host a cocktail 101 class where we learned how to make Old Fashions and a few of her other favorites. The owner of Gypsea Air Yoga and Massage studio, Jess Miller, lead us in a relaxing chair yoga class to work out some of the stress from sitting in front of the computer all day. And that is not all, we have our next few planned already! We will be a hosting a game night, a movie night, and our first ever virtual baby shower! 

Our happy and healthy employees are the core of why Diamond Media Solutions is such an amazing place to work!  Without our team we would not be able to create the innovative campaigns or our revolutionary EARL® software.  Follow our social media accounts to see how we keep #diamondlife live and strong during these uncertain times.

Jayme Hill is Chief Operations Officer of Diamond Media Solutions

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