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What Is Omnichannel Marketing Vs. Multichannel Marketing?

“Omnichannel Marketing” and “Multichannel Marketing” may sound complicated or even the same thing, but don’t worry! We’re going to break them down so they’re easy to understand.

What is Multichannel Marketing?

“Multi” means many, so it’s utilizing multiple or many ways to talk about your product or services. You may have a sign on your street, a post on Facebook, and even place programmatic or Google ads to get the attention of potential consumers. While using multiple channels, you are telling people about your services or products. Still, they aren’t tied together to create a cohesive strategy with complimentary messaging and focused engagement based on the person’s buying journey.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Now, “omni” means all, so imagine your street sign, Facebook post, and the programmatic or Google ads all working together. For example, if someone sees your street sign, they begin receiving ads on their phone, telling them about a special you are running on your Facebook campaigns. Everything is connected!

The Big Difference

Here’s the main thing to know:

  • Multichannel Marketing is like having a lot of different paths that lead to your company. Each path is its own thing.

  • Omnichannel Marketing is like joining all those paths to lead everyone to the best company ever!

Why Does This Matter?

Think about how you like to shop. You may begin to think about your Christmas list, and you see the toy you are considering in your social media feed, look it up online to read reviews from social media influencers, and then you begin to see the toy on digital billboards and on your streaming devices. All these different ads are working together to make it super easy and fun for you to decide what to buy when the time comes.

What’s Better?

You might wonder which one is better. Well, both have good aspects to them. Multichannel is great because you can learn about products and services in many places. But Omnichannel ensures everything is connected and works together to help you find what you want really easily.

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