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Importance of Onboarding Every Campaign, Even Repeat Customers!

I last wrote about our internal processes and how they have helped us time and time again to retain our clients! In my position specifically, but also overall in the business model of Diamond Media Solutions one of the most important processes is the onboarding of every campaign. 

Onboarding new clients is exciting and of course new clients are a great thing to have, but it’s important to remember that they’re not just a revenue stream, they have goals for their business and they trust us to deliver!  

The first impression we make with a new client is crucial. Building solid relationships with clients means that they will continue to use our services and even refer new business to us. A good onboarding process is one that ensures our clients understand what they’re getting when they work with us, that our entire team is doing everything we can to make their campaign a success, and that we pride ourselves on doing the right thing and producing results. 

As a Client Success Manager my main role is to onboard every campaign that runs. This means new business but also our clients who run month over month with us. It is so crucial in managing expectations for the campaign, building strong relationships, and ensuring that our team is delivering the highest quality service to all our clients.

The Diamond mindset behind this is “A positive experience for the client will result in a positive experience for our business”. Onboarding is one of our most followed procedures we do internally to guarantee our clients are successful!

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