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Diamond Discussions: Cut Through The Holiday Noise In 2022

You might be starting to think about your holiday marketing, and we are here to give you tips on adjusting your strategies to be successful! Both advertising costs and frequency increase dramatically as we approach the end of the year due to one major thing: the holidays. Not only are you faced with increased ad costs due to the flood of ads during this time, but you also need to be calculated in your messaging to cut through all the holiday noise!  Below are a few ideas to help combat both to be even more successful in quarter 4.

  • Use incentives to your advantage
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Adjust your timing
  • Get personal
  • Incorporate creative holiday-themed words and ideas
  • Run video ad campaigns

Approximately 55% of consumers will start shopping before Thanksgiving this year (many have already!) Buyers aren’t waiting until Black Friday like they used to, which means more time to capture your target audience. Adjusting your timing and using incentives to your advantage is key to getting ahead of the competition. Using a unique and fresh approach to holiday marketingwill help you stand out from a sea of traditional, mundane themes. Thinking out of the box will help set you apart and help your relevance with the consumer. Video ads being one of those unique angles, give the consumer something new to see! In fact, 81% of people have been encouraged to buy a product or service by watching promotional video content.

Knowing all of this, our best recommendation is to utilize a creative, multi-media campaign with unique messaging! Creating a cohesive ad campaign across multiple platforms/medias is the only way to cut through the constant noise of advertising consumers have to see during the 4th quarter. Get started early too, remember November marks the real beginning of holiday shopping, and you want customers to think of you on their first trip out so if you haven’t started yet… you’re actually late.

Courtney McGIlvary is Client Success Manager for Diamond Media Solutions.

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