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2023 Alcohol Trends

Infused and non-alcoholic Beer, Wine, and Spirits are booming businesses. If infused alcohol is new to you, it isn’t citrus microbrews, it is alcohol that has been infused with THC or CBD.  In fact, with 40% of drinking-age adults saying they’re drinking less than they were five years ago even non-alcoholic beverages are being infused with marijuana as well!

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67% of the people who have cut back on alcohol are wanting a healthier lifestyle, and the aggressive expansion into this category is even more warranted. 

Non-alcohol and low-alcohol beer, wine, and spirits are trending in the industry with a 40% YoY growth. As the population continues to become increasingly more health-conscious, individuals requesting gluten-reduced or free options and more aware of the dangers of drinking and driving create the rise in non-alcoholic or gluten-reduced options.

CBD and marijuana-infused alcohol drinks are growing in the industry too.

As more states relax their laws regarding CBD and marijuana usage, the market for infused alcohol drinks is gaining popularity. According to a report from Grand View Research Inc., the CBD market is expected to reach $22 billion in 2022, with the beverage industry accounting for about $1 billion of that amount. No wonder brands like Corona’s parent company Constellation Brands Inc., Molson Coors Brewing Co, .and others are beginning to launch marijuana-infused alcohol lines.

CBD, marijuana-infused, and non-alcohol beverages are increasing in popularity.

Non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beer, wine, and spirits are also increasing in popularity among consumers, as more people choose to reduce their alcohol consumption or abstain from drinking altogether. How companies will continue to expand their line to meet customer requests while maintaining their quality in taste will be exciting to witness.

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