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Diamond Discussions: Comparison of B2B and B2C Marketing

As my coworker Brianna discussed previously, Diamond Media Solutions has been exploring new verticals and expanding our client reach over the last 2 years. Included in that expansion, we are beginning to service clients who wish to market B2B instead of just B2C.

To maximize the success for our clients, it is important to understand the differences between these business types and how they should be marketed to. A B2B business is selling products or services to other businesses, while a B2C business is looking to provide products or services directly to individual consumers.

General differences between these two business models should be accounted for when crafting the message, creative and cadence of the marketing campaign. These considerations should also be applied to any campaign components such as display banners or email deployments.


Some of the factors to consider between B2B and B2C clients are as follows:

Who is making the purchase decision: When servicing a B2B client, you will interact with multiple decision makers in the company, who will most likely have a say in the final purchase decision. The marketing campaign will need to be crafted keeping all involved in mind and may take the form of a series of promotions targeted to different decision makers. For a B2C scenario, you are solely considering the determined target market segment of consumers, and you understand the decision is a simpler individual one.

Path to purchase time frame: The B2B cycle is elongated by the multiple individuals involved and possible levels of review, where in a successful B2C campaign, it could be as short as a few minutes from message received to a purchase.

Motivation to purchase: A purchasing business from a B2B seller is motivated by information filled with facts on the product or service. Decisions are made in logistical steps and have been planned. However, a customer of a B2C seller is highly motivated by their emotions and the perceived benefit in their life of the product or service.

Marketing style: B2B prospective customers will be attracted to long, in-depth campaigns that show value in the features of the product or service as a specific benefit to the company that can be measured. A consumer that may purchase from a B2C company is attracted to easy, simple messaging that does not go into too much detail but quickly shows a problem-solving benefit to be had and inspires them to buy.

But whether your campaign is in the realm of B2B or B2C, don’t forget you are always marketing to people. Although the considerations above are generally true, make sure to keep some personal connection touches in your B2B campaigns, and don’t leave out important factual details in your B2C campaigns. In both types of messaging, it is critical to understand your client’s audience and their needs, providing a superior customer service experience.




Theresa Maye is the Production Manager for Diamond Media Solutions.

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