Creative Challenge: “Steveism” Poster Project

Every month, our designers are given a Creative Challenge project. These projects run as an aside to our day-to-day client jobs and are meant to help broaden our designer’s skills and creativity.

To kick off our Creative Challenge feature, we’re proud to present our “Steveism” Poster project! As a tribute to the King of Advertising himself, Steve Hill, our designers chose their favorite Steveisms and created posters for their first-ever monthly designer challenge.

“Nothing a Beer Won’t Fix” by Keith Stewart and “Spaghetti Buckets” By Benjamin Tomlin won this Designer Challenge. See all the designs and descriptions below!

WINNER: “Nothing A Beer Won’t Fix”
Artist: Keith Stewart

Steve Hill always said that the key to happiness is not to sweat the small stuff, and in the grand scheme of things no problem is permanent. He believed that every problem has a solution… even if the only solution is an iced-cold beer! Not only was he our boss, but a mentor to all of us at Diamond, and sometimes we just needed a cold one with the big man to put it all into perspective. The inspiration for this poster is credited to his favorite beer: Shock Top.
WINNER: “Spaghetti Buckets!”
Artist: Benjamin Tomlin

Steve Hill is known as The King of Advertising due to his boundless, creative personality. Always thinking of the next big thing, project or powerhouse of a creative theme, some were more shocking than others. One idea that remains firmly in Steve Hill lore is the now legendary “Spaghetti Buckets”. He envisioned a fast-food restaurant similar to KFC, but instead of chicken, one could drive through and pick up buckets of spaghetti and some rabbit food! While this idea never quite got off the ground, we at Diamond still think it is molto bene!
“We Can Do It!”
Artist: Amber Leto

We have always said that Diamond Media Solutions is more than a creative warehouse! Not only do we provide the best custom creative and outstanding customer service, we also make the seemingly impossible happen. From impossible deadlines to zany requests, Steve always told the client “We Can Do It!” and would then proceed to tell his team to “Get ‘r Done!” even if we figure it out along the way. From orchestrating a massive grand opening concert, to ordering a full-size cow statue, we will always “Get ‘r Done” for our clients.
Artist: Amber Leto

“Hey Steve, How ya doin’??”… When asked this question, Steve Hill always had an answer: “I am Blessed”. With a simple reply, he did not shy away from expressing gratitude for his life and those in it. Surrounded by loyal friends, steadfast employees, and an adoring family, Steve felt that every day was a blessing, and wanted those around him to feel the same.
“Diamondize It”
Artist: Keith Stewart

Since the company’s founding in 2002, Steve Hill wanted us to be known for our creativity and customer service. He always pushed his design and account management team to excel beyond their own expectations on every project they took. “Diamondize” means simply to be a “cut above the rest” in everything we do. From our over the top creative themes to customer service, our guiding principle of “Diamondize” is what makes our clients shine!
“Ring The Bell”
Artist: Benjamin Tomlin

DING! DING! DING! Steve Hill believed in giving credit where credit was due, especially when it came to sales, and wanted everyone in the office to know of big accomplishments. Thus, the SALES BELL was hung right in the middle of the office for all to hear. To this day, whenever a sale, big or small, gets made, you will hear someone yell, “RING THE BELL!” to celebrate.
“What’s Up Brotha!?”
Artist: Andy Rosenthal

Steve Hill was a big man with an even BIGGER heart. When he walked into a room, you knew he was there because of his famous greeting “What’s Up Brotha’!?” It didn’t matter if you were lifelong friends or had just met, everyone received the same amount of warmth and kindness. He made you feel like you were an old friend, or better yet, family. Because of his kind gestures and warm heart, we believe treating each other like family is so important that it has become the basis of our office moto, #DiamondLife.
“It Only Takes One”
Artist: Andy Rosenthal

A simple phrase with a powerful meaning. Whether it is finally getting a ‘yes’ in a sea of ‘no’s’ when making a sale or taking some time out of the day to share a kind word with a team member, it only takes one great moment to stand out. This phrase is to remind us to not take anything for granted, and that one moment is all we need to shine.

I’m Finer Than Frog Hair”
Artist: Theresa Maye

Steve Hill is known for his long list of timely Steveisms and quick wit for any occasion. On those particularly stressful and crazy deadline Fridays, when someone would ask him at the end of the day how we was, he would reply, “I’m Finer Than Frog Hair on a Friday”. While none of us knew the origin of this catchy Steveism, or what it really means, we use this phrase to always remind us to keep a positive outlook on life regardless of how crazy it can get.
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