Summertime Parenting & Working From Home

Summer is finally here! School is over and kids don’t have to worry about schoolwork anymore and neither do we as parents. But wait, a lot of us are still working from home and we have our kids at home all day, now with nothing to do. This is me, 100% and trust me, it is difficult working full time and balance finding activities for the kids to do at home all day. The usual go to for most everyone is video games, movies, phones, etc. But who really wants to just have their kids sit there and stare at screens? Yes, they are easy, and the kids definitely don’t mind doing it, but still. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all screen time is bad, but they still need to be active and involved in other things.

I am pretty lucky living in an apartment complex because the kids do have their friends around the property that they can go out and play with so that keeps them socially involved, gets them up and moving around, and it gives me time to get the work that I need to do done. What if you don’t have this luxury? DON’T WORRY! There are still plenty of things that you can do if you don’t live in an apartment complex or even if you do. There are plenty of fun, INEXPENSIVE things you can pick up at the store for your kids to stay active and get them outside for a little bit so you can get your work done.

The summer section at Wal-Mart is a good go to. If you are still uncomfortable going out and about, you can still order the items online or, you can even include them in grocery pick up from there. Water guns are probably the best thing to get and you can pick them up for only a couple dollars each. It will keep them cool and active (just don’t forget to put sunscreen on your kids before they go outside – nobody wants to deal with a sunburn.) Frisbees and footballs are also great, inexpensive items you can pick up for the kids to go outside and play with. Even on rainy days you can keep them occupied! Board games are a great way for your kids to interact with each other and pass the time by. If you look around online as well to different parenting articles and blogs, you can find things that your kids can use from around the house as well to keep them occupied.

The best thing you can do is try and take your lunch break at the same time every day. This will keep your kids on a schedule of eating lunch and it also gives you time to make them lunch. If you have a long enough lunch break, it gives you time to take that mental break from work and enjoy spending time with your kids. The best part about working from home while my kids were here during the last part of school and now during the summer, is that I have got to spend more time with them. I get to hang out with them on my breaks and on my lunch. And since there is no commute home anymore, when I am done, I am back with them ready to make dinner and have family time.

You may be really stressed out about having them home with you, but you have to look past that and look at the good of it. Enjoy the time with your kids!

Bryan Whelan is a Senior Account Manager for Diamond Media Solutions.

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