An illustration of Steve Hill Founder of Diamond Media Solutions, by Keith Stewart

Remembering Steve Hill on His Birthday

It has been an interesting two years to say the least, but as I sit back and reflect on everything that has happened in the world, with my family, and the business, I find myself thinking, What Would Steve Do?

Steve Hill, the founder of DMS and my father, passed away unexpectedly two years ago and as we look to celebrate what would have been his 58th birthday, I find myself asking once again, W.W.S.D.? The guiding lessons, “Steveisms”, and memories that arise during this time help to create a personal and professional life truly worth living. To help celebrate his birthday, we wanted to reflect on several reoccurring answers that come from those conversations.

1.  Always be the type of partner that you want in your life.

It does not matter what someone’s background is, what their goals are, or if a mistake has been made, you must “always do the right thing”. Today’s world is full of people who are only concerned with their own self-interest and will do or say anything to try and better their position. This can be blindingly frustrating, but all we can do is make sure that we continue running a honest company that is known for being that partner our client, employees, vendors, and friends deserve.

2.  Always be growing/ improving/ inventing.

It could be an idea, a product, or a person… Steve always saw potential where most people would not. Whether it came time to create a new design, an opportunity to solve a personal problem in an innovative way, or to come up with new ideas to meet a client’s sales goal, he would often tell us to “Diamondize it!”. We still use these two words as the direction to set the team’s course and create something unique and wonderful.

3.  Always remain positive.

There are times where life seems so out of this world that you wonder if you should start live streaming in hopes it gets picked up as a TV Series. And in those moments only your personal attitude, level of determination, and sense of humor will be the largest influence in how this chapter of your life wraps up. In these moments I will often hear the silly saying “I’m Finer Than A Frog Hair On A Friday!”, never really believing the origin story, while enjoying a cold one because there is “Nothing a Beer Won’t Fix”.

4.  Always be selling.

Covid has turned our world upside down resulting in every family and company scrambling to figure out how to maneuver through these truly unprecedented times. At a time like this I think of the Steveism, “Sales make everything better”. Not only has COVID allowed us the opportunity to review our products, come up with new services to help address our clients’ needs, and build new partnerships, it has also allowed us to work on improving ourselves. Working together as a team, we all have been developing personal and professional skills that have allowed us to become a better version of ourselves. Diamond Media is a stronger organization by providing the very best customer service and a revamped product suite making it possible to “Ring The Bell!

5.  Always be present and thankful.

In times of great success and immense heartache, it is easy to get caught on the roller coaster and lose sight of what matters. Life is constantly changing, and not always with positive consequences. But with simple reminders like, it’s ok to “fly first”, “never sweat the small stuff”, and to take regular inventory of everything you are thankful for to help center and ground us in the moments when clear and calm minds are needed.

Being able to look around and see a strong business with a lot of potential, energy, and boundless creativity, I know Diamond Media Solutions is blessed and none of this is possible without Steve’s crazy idea of starting his own agency! Thank you for all the lessons, laughs, and Free Lunch Friday’s.
With that, I wish Happy Birthday to my Father and Mentor, Steve Hill – the King of Advertising.

Jayme Hill is Chief Operating Officer for Diamond Media Solutions.

  • Steve Gall
    Posted at 1:44 pm, August 21, 2020

    What a great post. Your father was a very wise and great man. Steve had a positive effect on everyone he came across. He built a World class business and raised an amazing young lady in you!
    Keep up your Strive for Excellence in memory of Steve Hill (Dad)

    • Posted at 3:04 pm, September 3, 2020

      Hi Steve, Thank you so much! He was pretty amazing and certainly have big shoes to fill!

  • Bruce Homer
    Posted at 11:26 am, August 20, 2020

    Very well written.

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