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Smart Bosses Hire Smarter Employees

Smart bosses know that success comes from hiring smarter employees. The smartest CEOs and business owners recognize the power of a good team but acknowledge that shortcomings in the company or issues are ultimately their responsibility.

Ego has no place in the hiring process.  Smart bosses know that they can’t do everything themselves. When faced with lofty goals and company aspirations, only hiring people who are smarter than them will make achieving these goals possible.

Hiring smart people is a great way to help your business grow, but only if you’re willing to let them do their job.  Stifling their productivity by micromanagement takes away the employee’s ability to do what you hired them for, which is doing their job and doing it better then you could have.  If you’re a boss and need help, look for someone with more experience than yourself–and don’t be afraid to ask for it!

A smart boss hires people who they can collaborate with.

Smart bosses know that the best way to get things done is by hiring others who will help them achieve their goals, not just because they’re willing to do the work but also because they want to work together toward a goal collaboratively and to learn from their boss in turn—hiring team member who thinks on their feet, an eye for detail, who can think independently, and collaborates well with others are essential characteristics we look for in our employees at Diamond Media Solutions.  Especially now, with a remote working environment, a great employee doesn’t need constant supervision; instead, he or she knows how to prioritize projects and deadlines and when it’s appropriate to ask questions or seek guidance from their supervisor to complete tasks effectively or manage issues!

Smart bosses know their employees are not just at work to do the work.  A company culture based on collaboration, continued learning opportunities, and the ability to build relationships with peers and management. They hire people who want to be challenged and are willing to take on new responsibilities as they’re given opportunities to grow within their careers. 

A smart boss hires smart employees who can help them think outside their box.

The ability to think outside of a person’s box isn’t easy.  I find that it is only possible while at the gym or through collaborating with team members across departments.  This cross-department collaboration and the ability to think outside the box is vital for the company’s growth.  It allows multiple voices to help shape the vision of the company, providing ownership to your team and the opportunity to delegate tasks effectively to be able to focus on other things that also are due at the same time.

A smart boss hires smart employees who can provide feedback and criticism to help them grow as leaders.

A person that stops learning stops growing.  This is especially true with business as the dynamics of any industry are constantly changing; from new technologies to workers’ generational shifts, nothing will ever stay the same.  This requires bosses to be able to constructively accept criticism and feedback, even if it means making changes to their ideas or behaviors.  Trusting your team to provide valuable input allows smart bosses to make the best decision possible.

A smart boss doesn’t have all the answers, but he or she realizes that other people do. Smart bosses know how to leverage their team’s intelligence and creativity to solve problems, make decisions and take action. They don’t have to be experts in every field, but they do need a core group of advisors who can provide valuable insight when needed.

If you’re a boss and need help, look for someone with more experience than yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for it!

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