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Determining Your Campaign Goal

You have a product or a business need in mind for a marketing campaign, and now you need to figure out the goal so you and your marketing team can design a strategy.  This is no easy task but is vital to the overall success of your efforts.  Without a clear idea of what your goal is, you will end up wasting money on marketing ideas that aren’t aligned with your needs. 

By asking yourself these three questions, you will easily be able to decide what the technical goal of your campaign should be. Once you have your technical goal, you can set up your marketing strategy and create reports easily to monitor the success of your campaign.  

  1. What am I trying to accomplish?
  2. How can the success of this campaign be defined?  
  3. What will I show as successful results?

These questions will determine the objective of your marketing strategy or how your marketing team will optimize your campaign to achieve the best possible results.


Below are the eight most common marketing objectives and some ideas for execution:

  1. Increase brand awareness: if consumers don’t know you exist, how will they know what you have to offer?  This is a trickier metric measure, but some everyday activities can help identify if your brand awareness has increased.  
    1. Brand mentions, reach, and follower count for social media
    2. Branded search volume, website traffic, and backlinks for SEO
    3. In-store traffic 
  2. Boost brand engagement: identify when your target marketing is seeing your marketing and reacting to it! 
    1. Increase views, likes, comments, and shares on social media 
    2. Parodies or copycat marketing ideas 
  3. Increase website traffic: your website is one of the most important resources for your company.  Consumers are doing research to choose which potential vendor to use for their next purchase. 
    1. Increase total, unique, returning, and new website sessions 
    2. Increase in time on site and number of pages visited
  4. Generate high-quality leads: every sales team needs warm leads to help meet or beat their sales goals.  These inquiries are vital for your company’s long-term success.
    1. Website and Social Media Chats 
    2. Form Fills 
    3. Phone Calls 
    4. In-store appointments or walk-ins 
  5. Audio and Video Completion: skippable ads might be preferred by potential customers, but with how expensive these ads are it is important that they get all of the valuable information your company is trying to get out. 
    1. Increase in length of time watched or listened to 
    2. Decrease in skipped ads 
  6. Establish industry authority: being recognized in your field with help your company land those large contacts and increase your leads as consumers want to purchase and work with brands and people they can trust.  
    1. White paper and case studies downloads 
    2. Blog subscriptions 
    3. Increase in the social media following
  7. Acquire new customers:  inevitably we will lose customers and replenishing those customers is required for sustainability. 
    1. New prospect inquiries 
    2. New Deals 
    3. 1st invoices for new customers 
  8. Increase customer value: new customer acquisition is harder to complete than improving your current customer’s value.
    1. Switching to a subscription model over 1-time purchase
    2. Increasing the tier or level of service they are on 
    3. Increasing the number of products the customer uses

Thinking of the results, you are trying to achieve based on the ideas presented above now ask yourself the three questions when thinking of your current campaign you are getting ready to set up.

  1. What am I trying to accomplish?
  2. How can the success of this campaign be defined?  
  3. What will I show as successful results?

Now that you have asked yourself these three questions, are you looking to increase leads, improve the value of your website, or maybe increase your current client’s value?  Each is a valuable endeavor and requires unique marketing techniques and reporting for success.  

If you would like additional help refining your campaign goals and to discuss a media strategy that fits contact our strategy specialist for your complimentary campaign review.

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