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Diamond Discussion: Maintaining Corporate Culture in the Remote Work Environment

Corporate Leaders are faced with reimagining their corporate culture in a world where office rituals and standards no longer exist for most employees.  Gone are our casual office conversations, which gave insight into your co-worker’s lives outside of the office.  Through these face-to-face conversations, we developed strong bonds and were able to celebrate life events such as births and marriages and provide support during difficult times.     

Corporate Culture often was dictated by the physical setting itself, which established our behavior and dress code, from offices with very formal and intimidating paneled board rooms to open office settings with a pet-friendly environment. 

Without these physical cues that help develop a company culture, we must rethink how to express our culture internally and with our external clients.  Working remote has given us a glimpse into our co-workers’ and clients’ lives that we may not have seen before.  With video conferencing, we feel as if we are being invited into their homes and seeing how they live, from their décor to family photos on their walls.   Meetings that sometimes were very formal and intimidating for employees and clients are now much more relaxed and comfortable due to this glimpse into their personal space.   

Diamond Media Solutions has developed a plan to ensure our company culture is reflected in our employees to be consistent in our day-to-day interactions with our clients.   We start each workday with a 10–15-minute all-employee virtual meeting.  We discuss projects and deadlines during this time, but we also have an open forum for each of us to share news of life events outside of work, helping us establish a strong sense of company culture. 

Jerry Taylor is a Business Development Executive for Diamond Media Solutions.

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