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Why empathy is still crucial for successful marketing

I am consistently amazed at the fast-paced changes in technology and strategies deployed by the marketing industry. Companies such as ours, and yours, must stay agile and forward-thinking in their developments. This is one of the reasons our Diamond Discussions, so we can share important information with each other where all benefit and grow and then extend it to our clients with our blog articles!

Recently, I came across the concept of “empathetic marketing” or “empathy-based marketing” and found it intriguing. Definitions for the terms include the ability to understand your target customer, create offers tailored to what they would want to see, and engage with them in an authentic way that creates a relationship. With the vast amount of data released and collected presently, data-driven marketing is here to stay. However, mixed in with all those pieces of data and algorithms, the personal connection to the customer must be preserved for any marketing effort to be truly successful. Plus, it is more important now than ever for companies to align themselves to their true ideals and be in sync with the cares and concerns of their target audience. In the articles below I presented to my co-workers, SmartBrief discusses why empathy is still crucial for marketing and points out how companies’ use of data insights from the latest technology must be tempered by empathetic understanding and socioeconomic factors of potential customers. Next, Hubspot defines and outlines a helpful Empathy Map your organization can create as a guide to your customer profile. Once finished, this can be used as a “true North” reference for all your marketing initiatives.

Theresa Maye is the Production Manager for Diamond Media Solutions.

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