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Creative Challenge: 2020 DMS 1k T-Shirt Design

Last year, as a team-building exercise, we at Diamond Media Solutions decided that our staff could use some fresh air and exercise. We looked at different activities happening in our area such as 5k runs and marathons, but decided 5k runs were full of too much, well, running. So we came up with our monthly 1k… walk… to the local bar. And thus, needed to at least look the part of a team of marathon sprinters, and were in need of matching t-shirts so that everyone in town could witness our unrivaled team spirit and athleticism. This year’s shirt was designed by our very own Amber Leto. We asked her to provide us some insight into her winning design.

In January the Design Department was asked to create a new t-shirt design for our team-building 1k adventures for 2020. I set out to create a logo design that matched Diamond’s brand personality that was engaging and fun! For me personally, cliché and generic designs have a place in this world—in the garbage.

Winning Shirt Design by Amber Leto for 2020. Diamond Media Street Team. 1K, Go Big or Go Home. Foot print design.

The teal sneaker footprint is to represent our team building 1k walks, which can also be used to represent the fact that Diamond has become completely paperless, and has reduced the carbon footprint this year. But for a really cool color combination, I used bright colors to match the company logo: ‘teal’. Is there anything more uplifting than a bright burst of colors? No way! The verbiage that runs along the outside the footprint are a few things that we say a lot in the office that is near and dear to our hearts. We are “Diamond Media Street Team”, we always “Go Big Or Go Home” (from our advertising King himself, Steve Hill) and we absolutely have insanely fun “Best 1k Ever” adventures!

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  • John P. Gilliss
    Posted at 11:27 pm, April 22, 2020


    This is a cool looking shirt.
    Congrats .

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