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Five Design Trends you will see in 2023

1. Unrealism:

2023 is going to be dominated by surreal, almost psychedelic imagery. Why use plain, uninteresting stock photography and type when you can twist and bend the mundane into something striking and unexpected? Not only will some imagery be generated by artificial intelligence, but designers will strive to out-do these systems to create stunning, memorable images.

2.Vintage-inspired minimalism:

In 2023, many designers are looking back in time at traditional print and design techniques. Designers are taking these time-tested nods to the style of the early 20th century and updating them with contemporary sensibilities to work in today‚Äôs market.

3. Rich, striking color:

While much of 2022 was dominated by mono-chromatic branding to suit the needs of tech companies, this year will be full of color. As we move farther away from the drab, depressing pandemic years, designers are exploring and experimenting with more vibrant colors. These colors will offer a playful tone and project hope for the future.

4. Type with character:

Not only will type be more readable and clean this year, but you will also see fun, flared fonts being used for branding. Why use a plain old sans-serif typeface when type with funky ligatures and quirky character styles will stand out?

5. The human connection:

Out of the chaos of a post-pandemic time, and with AI becoming more ubiquitous in the design landscape, designers will look to connect to audiences at a human level. Designers will use imagery and techniques to invite the viewer to see themselves in the brand and design.

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