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The Diamond Edge Vol. 2

The Diamond Edge Vol. 2


The Diamond Edge is our monthly newsletter to keep clients, new and old, up to date on all things Diamond Media Solutions.

Congratulations to our designers!

Congratulations to our graphic designers Ben and Keith for winning our CDJR Design Challenge last month! Their amazing creative comes with special email and digital packages available as well. Call us now for pricing!


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Uniting creatives and consultants

What gets both business-minded consultants and ideas-oriented creatives up in the morning? It starts with a C — and it isn’t coffee or chai.

Rather, more than anything else, each group loves a challenge. Consultants and creatives often think of themselves as being at odds with one another — or, to use another c-word, in conflict. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And in reality, this conflict is just a matter of perception. In most cases, each group simply has different ideas about how to solve a problem. Read More.


25 exciting female graphic designers and illustrators to follow in 2019

If you work in a creative discipline, it’s important to check out the work of others in your field, to help you get inspired and generate new ideas of your own. To celebrate International Women’s Day, Creative Boom put together a great selection of awesome female graphic designers and illustrators that are worth keeping an eye on.

The list covers a wide range of disciplines, different approaches, and levels of experience, but everyone here has a knockout portfolio that’s well worth checking out. Read More.




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Office Announcements:

One of our talented graphic designers had a birthday this month! Happy Birthday Ben! 


The greatest Chief Financial Officer we have celebrated his birthday this month! Happy Birthday Mark!